Happy 1-year blog!

Hello friends!

 This blog would have been posted on my birthday (May 21) but something came up and I lost the opportunity to post it. It’s been a year since I first started this blog site. Honestly, I never thought that I have readers too. Come on, I have? Let us say, I can only count them on my fingers but the mere fact that I can visibly search it on Google is rewarding enough for me. There is nothing much to deal with having a blogsite except that it is an extension of one’s thought. Furthermore, you are utilizing your creative minds into useful writing and a way to express yourselves. At the same time you will learn a lot. If you have the ability and the passion to write then welcome to the club!

                To begin with, it’s my birthday! (“Happy Birthday to you” 5x). You sang right? Hehee–  I am just so thankful  to all who had greeted me on twitter(@jencoderphils) and facebook. I cannot thank you enough for all the nice messages and your thoughts about me. It is just refreshing to read some of those and I’m happy that in my own little way I inspired you a bit.

                I AM a dreamer. Not because I’m a fan of 4th Impact (Filipino sisters who joined the XFactor UK). But someone who has a driven self to achieve goals in life. I  believe we can achieved our dreams through persistence, hardwork, constant practice, prayers and more Prayers…

                Let me tell you a bit of myself. When I was in college, I have this shall we say a pen pal. Every month we exchanged letters until I have tons of it. It didn’t work out though. Then my first job was in a newspaper (The Pagadian Times) and I always read the article of Mr. Pede Lu, one of the most respected media personalities in Zamboanga del Sur. So in a way, my interest in writing kinda started like that.

                Practically, my ultimate goal is to become a “Web designer and developer”. I can still remember my thesis in college a decade ago. We had our Recording System of Sto. Nino Cathedral Church. I was “told off” by one of the respected defense panel about the practicality of our study. Anyway, Technology before is costly and hard to achieve. It’s ambitious as he said. Then a cherished wished of becoming a programmer/coder is forcing itself into my consciousness. Today, I have this inner pressure to fulfill that dream :D.



Guide to get NBI Clearance Online

Falling in line to get an NBI Clearance can take few hours but if you prepared your application online the steps will be shorter. You will skip steps 1 to 4 which is the filing up of form manually, data check, payment over the counter, then the encoding of your form, but will go directly to photo and fingerprint scanning if you had no criminal record and is cleared. And wait for further instruction for the Clearance printing.

NBI Clearance is a vital requirement if you are applying for a job both local and abroad, to secure a permit to carry firearms, as business requirements and so other reasons. This means that you are clear from any criminal liability and free from any cases.

But before going to the designated branch that you have applied online, do not forget to bring the printed form from the website itself, the receipt from the Bayad Centers, and your valid ID that you declare you are going to bring. Remember, you are the one who had chosen the schedule maybe a week before and it depends on the availability of the slots.

Please follow along with me assuming the website is still the same. Here’s how:

    1. Go to the website https://www.nbi-clearance.com then click Sign Up Now.
    2. Register by Selecting the Application Type (NEW, RENEW). Click only one.
      1. New Applicant – If you are a New applicant, fill up the form correctly and make sure you have an active and valid Email Address then check box I accept TERMS OF SERVICE and Sign In.
      2. Renew Applicant – If you are Renewing applicant, prepare your old NBI Clearance form that is 2014-2015 and Enter NBI ID Number then your record will appear.
    3. Open your email address and check the message from NBI. Click Activate Account.
Click Activate Account


  1. You will be directed to the website again but this time click SIGN IN in the upper right corner portion. Put your email address and password then click Sign in.

    NBI Sign in
    Fill Email and password
  2. Fill up all the necessary information correctly. Click Apply For Clearance.
  3. Select NBI Branch and Date. To set your appointment schedule, please click on the AM or PM.
  4. Fill the Purpose if Local or Abroad then the Purpose Detail.
  5. There are 4 payment options.
    1. BANKS – over the counter
    2. BANKS – online
    3. MOBILE Payment
    4. BAYAD Centers like LBC and Robinsons supermarket. In my case I paid at Robinsons.
  6. Please follow all the instructions carefully. Remember the Reference number and present it to the Bayad Center. Do not forget to print your online transaction. NBI2
  7. Have patience in doing your Online Registration Appointment and E-payment because sometimes the internet connection is really slow. Goodluck!…

Simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s day

Sorry folks I forgot the card. Nagbrown-out kasi,.hehe Happy Hearts Day.. enjoy and keep safe..Goodnight!

Welcome to Aljences Blog

Hey, It’s Valentine’s Day what are you gonna do? Perhaps some of you are now planning on a date with your special someone. But for single like me, there are fun ways to celebrate yourself on Hearts day. Do not pressure yourself to couple up, to get into pairs if it’s not yet the time for you at the moment. Remember, it is not expensive to give love to yourselves. To enjoy being on your own and be true to your own values and give a deeper meaning of self-respect.

Ephesians 4:2

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in Love.”

1. Go to Church – Since Valentine’s day falls on a Sunday, there is nothing more fulfilling than to church. It is not just a day to glorify romance but to celebrate LOVE in general. Greet everyone Happy Valentine’s day whether at home, people you…

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Why Muslims Celebrate Ramadan

Why Muslims Celebrate Ramadan

I made this re-blogged to understand and appreciate cultural diversity since i am living near a Muslim community.


Wednesday evening is expected to mark the beginning of Ramadan, a month of sunrise-to-sunset fasting for nearly 1.6 billion Muslims across the world. But what exactly is Ramadan? Here’s a quick guide:

What is Ramadan?

For Muslims, Ramadan is a holy month dedicated to prayer, Quran recitation, introspection and fasting during the sunlight hours. But the Arabic word for fasting—sawm—doesn’t only refer to abstaining from food or drink. It translates literally to “refrain,” and encompasses abstinence from food, drink, having sex, and all evil thoughts and deeds in the interest of self-purification. Muslims observing the holy month break the daily fast with an evening meal called Iftar, often beginning with a few sips of water or something sweet, like an odd number of dates.

What’s the religious significance of Ramadan?

Ramadan is believed to be the holiest month of the year within Islam, and the month in…

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