How to get Police Clearance

I made this post for beginners and inexperienced applicants who want to get a Police Clearance in the City Police Station. In my case, I get the Police Clearance to support my documents in getting a Postal ID because our barangay has lack of Official Receipt (O.R.) that must be attached to the Barangay Clearance Certificate. In most cases, Police Clearance is usually a requirement when you apply for a job either local or abroad. It is also needed to show supporting documents in applying for an ID like passport, Postal ID, and NBI Clearance when your documents are not enough.

Police Clearance proves that you are cleared from any criminal record in the Police Department. It’s so simple to get this document. But there are prerequisites to get it. Here’s how:

  1.  Get a Barangay Clearance. Prices depend on the barangay.
  2.  Buy a Community Tax Certificate or cedula. Usually P45.
  3.  Buy Official Receipt (O.R.) for Police Clearance. For now P50.
  4. Go to City Police Station and fall in line. Make sure your hands are clean for the thumb marks. The teller will give you a form after the payment. For now P80.
  5. Fill up the form then get ready to have a snapshot in the capturing device. After a while you can get your Police Clearance Certificate.