Guide to get NBI Clearance Online

Falling in line to get an NBI Clearance can take few hours but if you prepared your application online the steps will be shorter. You will skip steps 1 to 4 which is the filing up of form manually, data check, payment over the counter, then the encoding of your form, but will go directly to photo and fingerprint scanning if you had no criminal record and is cleared. And wait for further instruction for the Clearance printing.

NBI Clearance is a vital requirement if you are applying for a job both local and abroad, to secure a permit to carry firearms, as business requirements and so other reasons. This means that you are clear from any criminal liability and free from any cases.

But before going to the designated branch that you have applied online, do not forget to bring the printed form from the website itself, the receipt from the Bayad Centers, and your valid ID that you declare you are going to bring. Remember, you are the one who had chosen the schedule maybe a week before and it depends on the availability of the slots.

Please follow along with me assuming the website is still the same. Here’s how:

    1. Go to the website then click Sign Up Now.
    2. Register by Selecting the Application Type (NEW, RENEW). Click only one.
      1. New Applicant – If you are a New applicant, fill up the form correctly and make sure you have an active and valid Email Address then check box I accept TERMS OF SERVICE and Sign In.
      2. Renew Applicant – If you are Renewing applicant, prepare your old NBI Clearance form that is 2014-2015 and Enter NBI ID Number then your record will appear.
    3. Open your email address and check the message from NBI. Click Activate Account.
Click Activate Account


  1. You will be directed to the website again but this time click SIGN IN in the upper right corner portion. Put your email address and password then click Sign in.

    NBI Sign in
    Fill Email and password
  2. Fill up all the necessary information correctly. Click Apply For Clearance.
  3. Select NBI Branch and Date. To set your appointment schedule, please click on the AM or PM.
  4. Fill the Purpose if Local or Abroad then the Purpose Detail.
  5. There are 4 payment options.
    1. BANKS – over the counter
    2. BANKS – online
    3. MOBILE Payment
    4. BAYAD Centers like LBC and Robinsons supermarket. In my case I paid at Robinsons.
  6. Please follow all the instructions carefully. Remember the Reference number and present it to the Bayad Center. Do not forget to print your online transaction. NBI2
  7. Have patience in doing your Online Registration Appointment and E-payment because sometimes the internet connection is really slow. Goodluck!…

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